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Team Training

The Athlete’s Edge offers team training at very affordable rates.  The rates vary depending on the team size and the number of sessions.  A team consist of at least eight athletes. Prices for multiple teams and organizations are also available.  Please contact us for exact pricing.  Team workouts are sports specific and consist of:

  • Performing a dynamic warm up to enhance flexibility, improve balance, and prepare the body for training


  • Improving agility to increase quickness and reaction abilities

  • Using plyometrics to improve explosiveness and help prevent injuries

  • Learning the proper techniques to improve speed and agility

  • Core training to strengthen the torso’s stabilizing muscles, which are critical to all athletic movements

  • Workouts using body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, and elastic tubing

  • Enhancing cardiovascular training geared toward enhancing the overall fitness level and meeting the demands of the athlete’s sport


  • Learning mental toughness that will benefit the athlete in all aspects of life

  • Gaining team camaraderie



Call or email today to get the best team training rates in St. Louis!

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