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Athletic Enhancement

At The Athlete’s Edge, athletic enhancement training programs are designed for every level based on your specific goals, age, position, and experience level as well as the specific demands of your sport.  By increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and correcting movement patterns, the training you will receive at The Athlete’s Edge will lead to enhanced productivity and reduce risk for injury.  The training programs include:

  • Performing a dynamic warm up to enhance flexibility, improve balance, and prepare the body for training
  • Improving agility to increase quickness and reaction abilities
  • Using plyometrics to improve explosiveness and help prevent injuries
  • Learning the proper techniques to improve speed and agility
  • Core training to strengthen the torso’s stabilizing muscles, which are critical to all athletic movements
  • Workouts using body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, and elastic tubing
  • Enhancing cardiovascular training geared toward enhancing the overall fitness level and meeting the demands of the athlete’s sport
  • Learning mental toughness that will benefit the athlete in all aspects of life

In today’s competitive world, winning athletes have to take advantage of sports science and proven training methods.  The increased speed, agility, strength, and stamina you will gain through training at The Athlete’s Edge will provide you with an edge on the competition.  The Athlete’s Edge offers athletic enhancement training at an affordable price.

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